Unconventional marketing can help increase awareness, gain attention and get people talking. Read on to learn 10 tips on how to succeed in SMS Marketing!

Today, consumers tend to turn a blind eye towards banner and poster advertisements in front of them. Consumers want new and unconventional experiences. More people are getting glued to their phones 24/7, so guerrilla SMS marketing campaigns are one of the best options to spread the word. Include a little quirky message and you’ll soon see your SMS Marketing campaign both well-loved and shared.

Let’s see what the benefits of SMS are and how they can help you kickstart your next viral SMS marketing campaign.

1. Save cost on printing banners and posters

It’s cost-effective, and text messages have high open rates, meaning you’ll boost awareness even among those who are unable to take up your offer immediately.

2. Group your contacts accordingly to send targeted messages

The more you target your message for specific groups of people, the higher the chances of your campaign becoming a success. Groupings can be done on any online SMS platform that supports this feature.

3. Time is crucial

Some guerrilla SMS marketing tactics are best executed at certain timings – some examples include executing weekend promotion specials or overseas campaigns in a different time zone. Today, most online SMS platforms allow you to schedule your messages in advance. Save time and avoid last-minute rushed content.

4. Speed matters

Use SMS marketing to reach your targeted audience instantaneously instead of waiting for them to stumble upon your physical or digital advertisements. Get straight to them immediately through their mobile phones!

5. “Now, who is this?”

Get your business name known with the unique Sender ID feature. This tactic will increase the viewability rates of your messages as customers know it is sent from an official company.

girl using mobile phone on ground next to her bag receiving sms marketing messages6. Have people wanting to find out more about you

Capture your contacts’ attention with personalized text messages. Gain your customer’s interest through a personalized touch with the relevant message that meets their needs. Easily insert names by using the simple merge feature to gain the attention of your subscribers.

7. Spend more time doing real business

Forget about camping in front of your laptop to blast your SMS marketing campaign at a certain time. Now, you can create templates on a good online SMS platform and schedule your campaigns in advance!

8. Ease of sorting contacts

Struggling to sort contacts you’ve received from all sources? This is going to take up a lot of your precious time. Find an online SMS platform that readily uploads contact lists and creates contact groups.

9. Analyse and track

As a marketer or an entrepreneur, we know you are into tracking your campaigns and budgets very closely. With real-time analytics, your job is made simpler with a comprehensive view of the messages sent and expenditures spent.

10. Maintain whitelisted contacts

As part of responsible messaging, you must also provide an opt-out mechanism for customers. This mechanism is an effective way to keep your lists of users up-to-date and honest, saving on administration costs and white-mail. Keeping your unsubscribe list up-to-date also ensures that you are legally compliant.

That’s your 10 for a start. Want to find out how Wavecell can help you scale your business by creating awesome SMS marketing content? Find out more here or register for an account for free today!

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