E-commerce businesses need to get a hand on converting browsing customers into buying customers – read on to find out how you can achieve that.

According to the Association for Consumer Research, “browsing” for consumers is described as the examining of products on a site as a recreational activity or for informational purposes without the intention to make a purchase. This is where conversion rate optimisation tactics are imperative.

What Are Conversion Rates In E-Commerce?

The conversion rate is an indication of the effectiveness of your site. In e-commerce, the desired call to action is to make a purchase on your site; the higher your conversion rate, the higher the number of sales you make. A low conversion rate in e-commerce is a sure-fire sign that something is amiss on your website – poor user engagements, complicated user interface or lack of real-time customer support.

Business Insider recently estimated that there are almost 330 million internet users in Southeast-Asia and it is a lucrative market which, if approached properly, can generate big business.

Reasons for Low Conversion Rates & How To Fix Them

Lack of customer support

Issues such as a complicated user interface and checkout process, the lack of real-time support can discourage consumers from making purchases or repeated purchases. Mitigate customer’s problems with the incorporation of Live Video Interaction – guided support of a real-time customer agent till customer checkouts!

Live Video Interaction can also help you resolve your potential customer’s query in a matter of minutes! Customers can easily initiate a video interaction with a customer service support directly from your site or mobile app. This not only increases your conversion rates, but also reduces cart-abandonment rates and boosts your customers’ satisfaction because they see your brand as one that they can trust.

Insufficient marketing tools

mobile shoppers e-commerce conversion rates in southeast-asiaAlthough digital marketing outdoes traditional messaging in many ways, the benefits of SMS API integration for e-commerce businesses cannot be ignored. Text messaging (e.g. SMS, Chat Apps) has greater worldwide use and reach than the Internet (e.g. email, etc.). In Southeast-Asia, there are over 370 million mobile Internet users, and many more with mobile phones without Internet connectivity.

Get your message heard more often through the publicity of SMS Marketing. This boosts your e-commerce conversion rates through a wider target audience. Messaging is a powerful channel to instantly reach your audience via SMS or Chat Apps (e.g. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, Viber, etc.) to inform them on their order confirmation, delivery notification, instant marketing messages and more!

Unreliable payment gateways

The boom in online shopping constantly reminds us of the dangers of disclosing confidential financial credentials to unreputable sources. Many customers become even more sceptical and discouraged to make a purchase with an unreliable payment gateway.

Customers should feel safe when making online purchases or when creating accounts on your site. For example, incorporating SMS one-time passwords (OTPs) in the payment process can give your brand authenticity and an added security layer. This deters unauthorised users from gaining access to your customers’ personal and financial information. Layering SMS OTP can allow your customers to experience safe and seamless transactions on your eCommerce site!

Businesses in the digital age can benefit massively by using cloud communications to better optimise their conversion rates for e-commerce. Start converting your browsing customers to buying customers with reliable Messaging Solutions or integrate Live Video Interaction into your business for a better customer experience with Wavecell!

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