In today’s fast-paced digital world, customer engagement is a high priority. Statistics show that brands with fully engaged customers show a 23% increase in overall revenue. Therefore, brands are often fighting for mindshare and looking at how best to engage their customer pool.

This is where SMS messaging and chat apps solutions come in, with some brands smartly engaging their customers with a personalised approach.

Through SMS and chat apps, brands are able to communicate and engage with their customers in the easiest possible manner. From marketing messages to custom notifications, brands can utilise this direct line of communication to their customers and develop an engaged community of brand advocates and customers.  

Here are the top five reasons why messaging solutions are the best customer engagement tools available.

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1. You can’t turn off SMS like push

No one likes push notifications. Having constant updates ‘ping’ your phone can be irritating. The thing about push notifications, however, is that they can be turned off. This makes it an incomplete method of trying to engage or update your customer.

In contrast, SMS cannot be turned off, which means that it’s better for engaging clients. People simply won’t turn off SMS or even chat apps like WhatsApp or WeChat, because that means blocking all of their friends or colleagues in the process. This makes messaging and chat apps ideal channels to engage your customers using.

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2. Data networks are not required

If you’re worried about reaching out to audiences that have limited or no access to data networks, then you should be considering SMS. The ability to reach customers regardless of the type of phone they have – smartphone or feature phone – makes SMS an ideal solution for markets with low internet penetration.

Learn Wavecell’s top tips for brands using SMS in Indonesia.

For brands with customers in rural areas in Indonesia, internet penetration is less than 50%. Therefore SMS remains the preferred method of reaching mobile customers for both marketing and managing commercial transactions in the region.  For example, Monex, an Indonesian futures broker, uses SMS for both 2FA and as an engagement tool to provide their customers with the latest news and trends.

3. It comes with every phone

When you use messaging solutions, you are reaching out to every single mobile phone user in your customer base.

Every phone, by default, has SMS installed, and over half of the Asia-Pacific uses chat apps like Line, WeChat, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. This means that whether you want to communicate or sell from business to business, or business to consumer, you are relying on an app or apps that exist on virtually every communication device.

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4. Messaging solutions are accepted and preferred

Whether you need to send out a customer survey, market a brand, or authenticate your bank account, SMS has become the best way to do it. Yes, SMS is used nowadays to simplify every process, from banking to entering a competition to win the chance of a free meal at your favourite restaurant.

Messaging systems are also taking over the office with solutions such as Slack, which allows employees to have the ease and efficiency of SMS within a business setting. Want to get paid via Paypal or sign up for a new promotion? You need to verify your identity through SMS. It’s the easiest thing to do.

5. It is cost effective

Being able to reach millions of people and guarantee a high engagement rate is almost priceless for marketers and businesses. Through messaging solutions, you’re able to reach those millions without breaking the bank, with messages costing a fraction of a cent.

For eCommerce brands across the region having to deal with thousands of orders every hour, using messaging solutions allows for enhanced order tracking and customer service. The fact that it is affordable is an added bonus, as it can help them keep costs manageable and their customers engaged and satisfied at the same time.


There you have it, five reasons why messaging solutions are the best solutions for brands looking to improve customer engagement and compete in today’s crowded digital market.

Messaging solutions can improve the efficiency and productivity of your business as well, making you a key player in this new era of technology. To learn how we can help expand your business’s growth using these technologies, visit

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