As one of the largest and most populous countries in the world, Indonesia’s digital landscape is transforming to one with a more interactive approach. With more than 100 million internet users on social media, Indonesians largely favour Facebook and Instagram for their digital interactions. It is ever more important to leverage on these  modes of communication to enhance customer experience in Indonesia.

A recent survey by GetCRAFT revealed several notable findings:

  • Social media is the most effective marketing channel for marketers, but the B2B industry will prioritise content marketing in 2017
  • Marketers spend 31.5% of their budget on digital marketing, which 76% of businesses highlighted is an increase from previous budgets
  • The average and median digital marketing budgets are IDR 1.9 billion/year and IDR 875 million/year respectively
  • Digital marketers’ key problems are on budget restraints and skills/resources gaps
  • 55% of marketers still lack clarity about how their digital marketing drives business objectives
  • Customer experience and content marketing are the most exciting growth opportunities
  • Content marketing targets customer engagement and awareness; B2B primarily measures lead generation
  • Written articles and videos are the most effective content marketing types

Global trends have shown that messaging is becoming mainstream. Messaging (via SMS) is more than just a fast response to customer complaints or requests, it is about developing personal relationships. Messaging is more effective when communicated as engaging relevant content, to capture customers’ attention.

Immediate impacts, hyper-personalised interactions and enhances the customer experience by blurring boundaries between the physical and digital realms are the real powers of messaging. Messaging is about to change the world.

Why messaging?

Indonesians love everything about messaging. It is their modern way of “hanging out” and communicating with friends and family. They have moved from ordinary text messaging to photo (mostly selfies and food) to video postings (personal, business and blogging). That’s why Facebook and Instagram are their favourite social networks. SMS are sent to customers instantaneously, making the integration of SMS solutions an important aspect of their businesses.

SMS can be received as long as the phone is connected to the telecommunication companies. This makes it one of the most reliable means of communication, especially for remote places with a poor data network. This is particularly useful for businesses to communicate real-time content such as one-time password, payment reminders, delivery confirmations and more.

What does it mean for Indonesian financial services companies?

First of all, companies must adapt to the technology game, not for the sake of trends, but for serving (both retaining and expanding) customers better by enhancing their experience with their favourite brand – yours.

Here’s how to take advantage of this rising trend and enhance your digital customer experience in Indonesia:

1. Project a “close-to customers” brand

Customers appreciate personalised experiences. While automated responses are still useful, they are not so effective for a customer service. How would customers who have consistently received auto replies perceive your brand? Personalising customer experience does not have to mean a difficult journey for you and your team. With the wide array of solutions present in the market, it is possible to set it up and go live within a day.

2. Provide real-time service

Unsatisfied customers of today are likely to voice out their negative experiences with your brand online. However, they can, in fact, become your brand advocates. These negative experiences usually stem from the bad experiences customers faced – waiting a long time before getting their issues resolved. Live interaction over messaging platforms or video can give a sense of instantaneous support compared to long queues during normal office hours or a toll-free number.

Additionally, video interaction platforms support multiple media from photos, documents, videos, and links all with a tap on the screen. Brand representatives can solve issues and handle transactions directly, reducing delays and prolonged follow-ups. The sooner your business can resolve or attend to a customer, the happier they will be!

3. Branding opportunity

Integrating solutions into your business can also present a branding opportunity for your company. With a consistent branding outlook, your customers will start to remember your brand easily, thus, create a good customer experience impression. Some examples of these solutions are:

  • Live Chat: Most of these allow you to customise the interface and colours according to your brand.
  • Messaging (SMS): Sender name can also be masked or shown as your company’s name allowing better brand exposure and recall, compared to sender names consisting of random numbers.
  • Video Interaction: Some platforms allow you to fully customise the interface to include your company’s logo, colour and more. This will create a seamless flow of tools you are providing to your customers.

4. Retain customers on the first contact

Accenture’s recent 2020 strategy outlook highlighted the top three dominant factors to convince customers to stay or switch to another provider are good competitive pricing, high-quality customer service, and good value for money. 80% of customers who had switched providers said that had the issue been resolved on the first contact, they would have stayed with their initial provider.

Therefore, the fourth step to enhancing your digital customer experience is to have the appropriate tools ready, to ensure that you are able to address any customer queries and issues quickly. Some examples to retain customers during your first touchpoint with them:

  • Personalised email messaging: Group your customers according to their types or behaviours. Everyone is different in this world. With targeted and personalised email messaging, it will help to communicate clearly to various group of people.
  • Video Interaction: Unable to quickly set up a face-to-face meeting with a customer? Lead them into launching a live video interaction call with you. This can be done within seconds, with all parties incurring minimal disruptions.

5. Offering customers more options

Customers are using multiple digital channels to interact with your company. They expect a wider range of services for more engaging interactions. By offering more varieties in communication such as automated SMS notifications or Video Interaction touchpoints, you are meeting their expectations even before they ask for it.

Businesses are now trying all ways and means to reach customers wherever they are most active at:

  • Instant messaging apps: WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat, Facebook Messenger
  • Email
  • In-app push notifications
  • SMS
  • Video Interaction (secured and full compliance with financial institutions’ security policies)

Messaging solutions and Video Interaction have become the answer to enhance customers’ experience. In line with Indonesian internet users’ activities and preferences, more engaging interactions actually helps make customers happy.

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