Your service is a valuable convenience for your customers, so make sure you do it right. Let’s see how logistics companies can boost customer experience as well as check out some tips to look out for in a good last-mile fulfilment partner!

Employing the use of modern technology for improved visibility and traceability has become a revolution. These have paved the way for better customer experiences and equipped businesses with competitive advantages.

1) Real-Time Tracking, The Way Forward

scheduled delivery and notification updates on mobile phone improve ROI

Clean and consistent communication is key when optimising your customer experience. A bulletproof approach for your customers to track their parcels every step of the way is by informing them on a timely basis and providing live status updates via SMS or Chat Apps. Businesses can also implement a multi-stage notification system such as payment reminders for cash-on-delivery payments, delivery confirmations, parcel-pickup and so on.

2) Less Failed Deliveries With 2-Way Communications

two-way communication over video chat on mobile and phone

There’s nothing worse than a courier turning up at the door with no one around to receive the parcel. How can we avoid this? One way to to do that is by allowing customers to leverage on 2-way messaging solutions to confirm the delivery beforehand. They can also be given the option to reschedule their deliveries at their preferred timing. Integrating SMS confirmation and notifications into your workflow will help customers provide timely notification, not result in failed deliveries and increase your customer experience tremendously.

3) Mobile-Optimised SMS Surveys To Assess Sustomer Experience

improve customer experience by providing man with phone notifications and updates

We all dislike emails that have no business in our inboxes. Moreover, we do not really enjoy email surveys – they are long and time-consuming. One way to receive timely feedback is to get customers to participate in quick, SMS-based surveys that they can finish in a heartbeat.

We all have our mobile phones on hand every second of the day, and SMSes have high open rates. Studies have also shown that by sending SMS surveys, the response rate is significantly higher than email surveys – 51% to 43% respectively. Imagine gaining valuable customer feedback right after their packages are delivered – it’s a win-win situation!

4) Be Flexible And Scalable Across Countries And Regions

phone and sms notifications global to improve customer experience

Technology is changing every aspect of how logistics work, especially with businesses expanding operations regionally and internationally. As such, your business has to be ready to meet the needs of customers worldwide. With the right cloud communications provider, you can ensure that all your logistics solutions are easily scalable and meet your company’s needs.

5) Bulletproof Your Last-Mile Fulfilment Touchpoints

logistics companies on phones for tracking and delivery notifications

Businesses stand to benefit from modern technology, but who’s to say that your customers can’t have that advantage as well? Offering SMS one-time passwords (OTPs) eases the sign-up process for them. Not only that, it is also a powerful security enhancement to traditional verifications.

Keep your customers coming back for your services while enhancing their engagements. Digitalize the touchpoints of the last-mile fulfilment – where it matters most to your customers.

With more customers adopting real-time communications technology, there is more emphasis on the need for businesses to enhance their customer engagements in the ways they prefer. Explore the other ways Wavecell’s Messaging solutions can boost your customer experiences, or drop us an email at

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