Time and again, SMS has proven itself as a reliable and valuable marketing tool. As a result, SMS marketing campaigns are being launched constantly. It may, therefore, get difficult to keep track of your campaigns, and manually launch each one at the proper time. The ability to schedule messages helps alleviate this burden, automating the launching process.

With Wavecell, you can now schedule your SMS text messages either through our Customer Portal or through our API.

img1_Campaigns interface

Wavecell’s new Campaigns interface

Scheduling messages through our Customer Portal has always been simple. We’ve been looking at ways to make it even more convenient. You can now use our new Campaigns interface to monitor the status of your campaigns. We’ve updated the user interface and included new features for you to review all your campaigns in one place.


To schedule messages via API, just specify a date-time parameter value for the “scheduled” parameter. When messages are submitted that way, they are saved in the Wavecell platform, ready to be sent at a later time. You can schedule your messages individually or in bulk by sending a POST request to the SMS – single or SMS – many endpoints of the API respectively.

The need to cancel scheduled messages

We’ve all experienced a typo or two in our lives. Sometimes, you might schedule a message before realising that the content was inaccurate. Other times, the content may have changed after you have already scheduled the message. And what if you’ve accidentally scheduled the same message multiple times?

Whether you schedule your messages through the Customer Portal, or through our API, you can cancel your scheduled messages quite easily.

  • Through the Customer Portal

img3_Cancel scheduled message campaign

If you used the Customer Portal to schedule your SMSes, simply click the button or link that says “Cancel Campaign” on your scheduled campaign’s page – it’s that easy!

  • Through the API


If you use our API, we offer a convenient API endpoint for cancelling scheduled messages. Just send a DELETE request to the SMS – single or SMS – many endpoints and your messages will be cancelled programmatically. For more detailed information, you can access our API documentation here.

Doing so will remove these messages from the list of messages on your schedule. You can now reap the benefits of scheduling your SMS campaigns using our APIs, while still having the control to cancel any of your scheduled campaigns if you need to.

As always, you can learn how we can help expand your business’s growth using Wavecell’s technologies here.

If you have any questions about SMS Engage or Wavecell’s Messaging Solutions or Video Interaction, feel free to drop us an email at hello@wavecell.com.

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