You’ve seen this happen multiple times: a negative touchpoint in a claims journey can single-handedly ruin the entire customer experience. 

Delay a claim, and you throw customers for an unpleasant loop. 

Assign an incompetent agent to work on a case, and you upset clients. 

Do this repeatedly, and you destroy your hard-earned customer support KPIs.  

The best claims experiences are the complete opposite: they’re fast, easy, and center around the customers. 

3 Essential Customer Support KPIs To Track in 2020 and Beyond

1. Resolution Time

Resolution time refers to the average amount of time taken to resolve claim enquiries.

To improve resolution time, let’s first take a look at the claims journey.

Eddie Sim, a Regional Claims and Loss Prevention Manager (APAC) at Schenker, illustrates how a typical claims process looks like:

Claims process using customer support tools

How to Improve Resolution Time: Train agents effectively on using new systems or technology (e.g. omnichannel customer support). 

For motor insurance, for example, your claims manager may need to travel down to the workshop to assess claims. Find yourself a video call platform that is built for remote claims assessment; for MSIG, using 8×8 Video Interaction has enabled them to maximise the efficiency of their claims surveyors. 

Teach them how to define problems and propose solutions in a way that clients understand. Make this compulsory in all touchpoints of the claims process.

Sim also advises all claims handlers to take ownership of their claims cases. “The client will be able to know who to contact and not be ‘pushed around’, which causes unnecessary frustration.”

Quote about using customer support tools

Put the claims process in writing, Sim further explains, to avoid ambiguity or misunderstanding.

This contract must include important details like:

  • How claims should be conducted
  • What documents and information to submit
  • What are the claims milestones as agreed with the client
  • How the escalation process looks like to ensure claims are settled cordially with the client

“This avoids the claims coming to a deadlock,” says Sim.  

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2. Response Time

Response time is the average time it takes for a claims agent to follow up with a client.

Theresa Blissing, Director of Accelerating Insurance, counts response time as one of the biggest customer support KPIs that all claims leaders must track. 

“In a stressful situation, it’s important for customers to get instant responses,” says Blissing. 

“Emotions are typically high and as is the need for security. The faster the customer gets a decision regarding the claim, the better.”

How to Improve Response Time: Hire more agents and maximize their availability.

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3. Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a customer satisfaction metric that asks customers how likely they will recommend your insurance products or services to others on a scale of 0-10. 

Describing NPS as a “classic KPI” for customer satisfaction, Blissing thinks there’s still a long way to go with improving it, particularly in the insurance industry.

Quote about using customer support tools for claim leaders

How to Improve NPS: Improve your response time and resolution time, while keeping in mind on personalization and customer engagement.

Response time and resolution time are generally owned by the claims and customer support department. 

But it’s a different story for personalization and customer engagement.

To do well in these two areas, claims leaders need to collaborate with cross-functioning teams across the company. 

Whether you’re a claims agent, examiner, adjuster, or supervisor, you must be a customer champion. You need to represent the client and their experience, by analyzing their feedback and introducing corrective measures.

In a nutshell: if you want to improve your NPS, you need to go beyond creating a great claims experience. 

At SAHOURI., customer success representatives frequently analyze qualitative data in customer feedback to identify trends.

Quote about tracking KPIs with customer support tools

While analyzing this data, CEO Michael Sahouri discovered clients have growing concerns with their personal and professional liabilities. He reveals, “They were asking more questions and investing in more policies than we were accustomed to in the past.” 

These trends gave the insurance agency an idea — they would provide additional value and security through education:

  • Online video library – Breaks down complex insurance topics in a video series called Insurance in 60 seconds
  • In-person events – Educates clients on how to protect themselves against emerging risks in an event series called Sahouri Speaker Series.

These two educational channels helped SAHOURI. further engaged with their customers with personalized content, and ultimately increased their NPS.

*Bonus Customer Support KPI* 

4. “Do you remember the name of the person who helped you?”

Here’s an interesting approach.

If you too, like SAHOURI., are consistently building customer trust one interaction at a time, ask this question as you off-board your clients: “Do you remember the name of the person who helped you?”

SAHOURI. is extremely technology-driven. Despite using multiple customer support tools, the insurance agency stresses on adding a human dimension in all claims cases. 

By asking this question, you prove to customers that you value authentic engagement on a personal level. In the world of AI and automation, there’s nothing more powerful than that. 

Which Customer Support KPIs Will You Track and Improve Today?

Daily tracking of KPIs and monitoring of customers’ well-being are surefire ways to constantly meet their expectations. 

The best claims leaders treat customers with proactive care and respect, and not merely just a KPI target. 

Put your customers at the center of each journey and listen more as you measure these customer service performance metrics — it’s the trick to building an exceptional all-round experience.

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