The ability to create and maintain excellent customer relationships is key to ongoing business success. Today’s buyers expect to connect with businesses seamlessly and to do so on the channels they are already on. Integrating a customer support system like Zendesk Support with the widely used chat app, WhatsApp, makes communication more efficient while helping your customers feel at home.  

Zendesk Support brings together all your customer interactions, making it easier to manage your support requests and respond quicker. By combining the WhatsApp Business API with Zendesk Support, you will not only be able to achieve faster, more personal, and more proactive interactions with your customers, but you will also open up your business to the over 1.5 billion WhatsApp users around the world.

Combine the power of Zendesk with the reach of WhatsApp

The integration offers the best of both worlds. Your business gets to lean on the power of Zendesk while leveraging on the reach and capabilities of WhatsApp to enhance your customer support workflows and build a better relationship with your customer.

WhatsApp Business API can be used by any business that wants to improve their customer interactions and provide better customer experience. With the WhatsApp and Zendesk Support integration, you’ll be able to send replies directly to your customers’ preferred messaging app.

Your new customer support experience:

WhatsApp Business with Zendesk Support start conversation

Customers can start their conversation with you through WhatsApp. Each incoming WhatsApp conversation creates a new ticket within Zendesk Support, making it easier to track and manage customer requests.

WhatsApp Zendesk Integrate Rich Content

Through WhatsApp, you can send and receive rich content including emojis, link previews, and map locations. You can even drag and drop in media such as images and documents right into the conversation!

Integrating WhatsApp Business API into Zendesk Support - Respond directly through Zendesk

Agents can see the messages and the images sent by the users through WhatsApp within Zendesk Support, and respond directly from the platform.

WhatsApp Business Zendesk Integration - Power of Zendesk

Zendesk Support allows you to automate your replies, send messages from templates, as well as automatically assign agents through their platform. These specialised features improve engagements while also reducing the time spent on customer support.

There are many other ways you can use WhatsApp Business API to enhance your customer relationships, such as sending payment notifications, alerting customers on order delays and promotional offers.

Getting Started

Connecting WhatsApp Business to Zendesk Support is as simple as a plug-and-play. Just let us know that you’d like to integrate your WhatsApp Business API into your Zendesk Support account, and we’ll help you set it up within minutes!

Wavecell is an official WhatsApp Business API solutions provider, and we offer an API that will easily integrate the chat app into your communication suite. Our Chat Apps API also covers other chat apps, with an added layer of SMS fallback to ensure your messages are delivered.

Our experts will guide you through the onboarding process so you can reap maximum benefits from your API integration. We will also help you learn about the various chat apps available and advise you on how to use them best.

If you’d like to learn more about using the WhatsApp Business API, drop us an email at

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