Users often overlook the amount of effort that goes into designing beautiful, yet intuitive website and product interfaces. Our Content Team had a chat with Raja, Wavecell’s User Experience Designer, about his journey, from studying computer science, to handling design projects at Wavecell.

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Q: Hi Raja! Let’s start at the beginning; how did you get into user experience and design?

A: I actually started out as a computer science and engineering student back in university in India. However, after being approached by my lecturer to help design some marketing collateral for a school event, I was hooked! I started taking on more design projects whenever I could. It got to the point where after I completed my studies, my classmates and I started a design studio together.

From there, I slowly picked up designing for websites. While working on website design, I realised how important user experience really was, and that’s pretty much how I got into the UI/UX field.

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Q: That’s an interesting start to your career, I must say! So, what’s your design process like at Wavecell?

A: The Product Team at Wavecell holds regular meetings every fortnight, called a sprint. In each sprint, each member of the team would review past projects, pitch new ideas, and decide on their individual responsibilities to handle until the next sprint. We would then work on our tasks, and not to mention, have weekly meetings to keep everyone updated.

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Q:  What are the challenges that you’ve encountered in your job?

A: One of the challenges for anyone in UI/UX would probably be handling the user testing phase. User testing in UI/UX is a lengthy process. It involves gathering a group of people and guiding them through the process of interacting with an interface with a pre-determined task to complete. This means interviewing the users, observing their browsing patterns and understanding how they approach the tasks. From there, I would think of solutions that would make their approach more seamless and effortless.

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Q: What do you think are the qualities needed to be “good” at UX/UI?

A: The two qualities I value would be patience and teamwork. From what I’ve mentioned earlier about user testing, you’d need to have the patience to go through many rounds of user testing to fully understand what works best for the product you’re creating.

Teamwork also definitely plays a huge role in being a good user experience designer because creating a product is not a one-man job. It’s important that the product team is able to work together and communicate effectively to get our ideas across. Ultimately, we are all here for one purpose: to make the best possible product for our customers.

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Q: Last question! What do you like about working at Wavecell?

A: I like working at Wavecell because the company places a lot of value on diversity. I enjoy interacting with colleagues of different nationalities and understanding their culture. I also like the fact that we can have many interesting discussions amongst us. I am in constant awe at how well everyone works together. We don’t just work together, though. I’ve built some strong friendships here, be it through team bonding activities, or conversations over a drink after work.

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