The e-commerce industry in Thailand is bustling. The Thai e-commerce market is expected to show an annual growth rate of 11.2 percent, resulting in a market volume of US$6 billion by 2023. The boom in the Thai e-commerce market owes a lot to the increased use of mobile phones and the rise of social media. Thailand is the second largest economy in Southeast Asia with one of the region’s highest numbers of internet users who are well versed in mobile and e-commerce technologies.

For startups and SMEs willing to create an impact on the market, it is of absolute importance to get ahead by delivering better customer experiences through new age communications solutions. One of the most effective communication tools in e-commerce, especially for markets like Thailand, is SMS.

Why Use SMS To Connect To Your Thai Audience?

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In Thailand today, everyone has a mobile phone, and all you need is a contact number to reach the masses. So, the most advanced and convenient way for businesses to instantly reach out to millions of people is naturally, via SMS. To automate the process of reaching out to existing and potential customers through SMS through an SMS API, therefore, is invaluable to any business model, and especially e-commerce; which is highly customer-centric.

A good SMS API service provider enables you to efficiently send single or bulk SMS blast messages anywhere across the globe with a unique sender ID that represents your brand. Additionally, you can generate automated reports by retrieving SMS History programmatically. This feature helps you track the entire campaign history.

As a Thai e-commerce player, you may be wondering how to maximise the benefits of an SMS API in your communications strategy. The following tips will help you to unleash the full potential of an SMS API for the growth of your business.

1. Automate User Experience

Use an SMS API to offer a completely engaging end-to-end user experience. Start with secure account creation on your e-commerce platform, via the generation of OTPs (one-time passwords). The next touchpoint would be transactional messages for order confirmations, delivery notifications, alerts and more. Expand your reach, and improve customer loyalty with promotional SMS and other marketing SMS campaigns, to attract existing and potential customers.

2. Enhance Customer Feedback With SMS Engage

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An SMS API can even offer a full package of engagement and communication with your customer. Through a feature like SMS Engage, engage your customers by integrating rich elements such as SMS surveys, forms and web pages into your SMS content, through a simple link. What’s more, you can even create, send and track your customers’ responses, all through the API.

3. Use Shortened, Trackable Links In SMS Marketing

Another use for SMS in e-commerce is the ability to incorporate shortened URLs in promotional messages. Texts offering special discounts by registering within a timeline are clicked more frequently by consumers. The link redirects users to the desired landing page, potentially boosting sales. An advanced SMS API should offer a URL shortening feature that lets you automatically shorten and track the performance of links.

4. It’s All About Timing

Timing your SMS campaigns correctly is yet another important factor to ensure that results are the best. According to a report by Mobile Marketer, the best time to trigger SMS marketing campaigns is during commuting hours. The key lies between 7-9am or 6-7pm and lunch time, when people are usually checking their phones. Schedule your SMS through an SMS API to remove the hassle of manually timing the SMS campaigns.

The Digital Thailand 4.0, started by the government in 2016, has seen Thailand booming with e-commerce opportunities. This is only expected to grow in the near future. Existing SMEs, startups and other enterprises willing to survive in the cutthroat competition cannot afford to miss out on the amazing avenues that an SMS API provides to establish and maintain your relationship with your customer.

SMS, Chat Apps, Video Interaction and Voice solutions can improve the efficiency and productivity of your business as well, making you a key player in this new era of technology. To learn how Wavecell can help expand your business’s growth using these technologies, visit

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