How is your company adapting to survive this new digital age? Read on to find out how you can and should be transforming your customer experience.

Industry Changes

Rapid technological advances and a move towards digitisation have disrupted the way companies do business today. As a result, many traditional brick-and-mortar businesses have been affected, and eventually, chosen to cease operations. In America alone, retail giants such as the Sears and Kmart, have collectively closed thousands of stores by the end of 2017.

Financial companies are also adapting to survive the technology game. Changing regulations, demand for a more seamless digital experience, and the availability of a more robust application programming interfaces (APIs) are the key considerations for a comprehensive digital transformation.

With the ease of integration, financial companies can easily digitise their customer engagement strategy. Better customer engagement drives customer satisfaction and loyalty, adding value to services, and becomes a useful differentiation against other competitors.

An advantage of delivering this type of service is increased customer satisfaction. For example, a potential or existing customer may have difficulties finding some information on mortgage loans on your company website. Instead of ringing up support hotlines or waiting for email responses, immediately speak to a customer representative by launching a Video Interaction call. With that, she can ask questions, clarify doubts, and make an informed decision.

Your customer service officer virtually walks the client through the necessary documents as required and explains the steps along the way. Customers are also able to sign the appropriate forms online with guidance from the agent. As such, this will dramatically improve sales conversion rates. Moreover, engaging your customers using technology creates and builds a trusted relationship. Serviced by a real person and a smooth transaction process from the comfort of their homes results in happier customers.

How Can Video Interaction Help Your Customer Experience?

For insurance, Video Interaction can be used to welcome new clients, encourage them to read their new policies, explain payment options, and other important features. Claim procedures can also be greatly reduced. By using interactive video calls to assess damages in real-time, your company can avoid the cumbersome notion customers usually have with regards to claim processes.

By simply using their phone camera, a customer can show the size, location, and extent of the damage. Your claims officer can instantly make evaluations, lead him to the appropriate forms to sign, approve the claim, and instantaneously improve customer satisfaction during a single interactive live video call. This also reduces time, resources, costs and fraud for both your company and the customer.

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Features of Video Interaction

Below are some features of Video Interaction that will help enhance customer experience:

  1. Co-browsing: send any URL during the call to allow customers to interact on the same page
  2. Annotations: increase workflow efficiency by annotating images and documents in real-time
  3. Snap photos: launch user’s camera application and capture HD photos anytime during a video call
  4. Geolocation: obtain the location of a mobile device to tag photos with timestamp and GPS
  5. HD audio: experience crisp and clear audio for a productive conversation
  6. HD photo: capture and save screenshots from all video calls
  7. Live video: see what your customers see in real-time
  8. Multi-party: add multiple experts or viewers to your video session
  9. Recording: record interactions including audio, video, and annotations
  10. Sharing: share files and screens during a video call to enhance the user experience
  11. Customise video launch: start video calls via SMS, email, or URL invitations, or simply a button in your application or website
  12. Zoom: remotely zoom on the user’s phone camera to achieve a better view

And more…

Customers are more adept to changes in technology and constantly demanding a better customer experience. Video Interaction provides the solution to convenient business transactions without losing that traditional personal touch in services.

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