Mobile phone penetration in the Asia-Pacific has seen massive growth in recent years! Therefore, businesses can take advantage of this by reaching out to their consumers via SMS and Video Interaction to enhance customer experience.

SMS – Reliable, Quick and Instant

Let’s start with messaging.

Back in 2003, at the height of the SARS epidemic, SMS was sent across the nation to declare a closed harbour due to possible widespread infection.

Later in 2008, after Thailand was struck with the Tsunami, the Hong Kong Government again circulate the evacuation plans to its citizens via SMS.  Since then, an SMS Tsunami warning system has been put in place, sending out blanket SMS to all subscribers, whenever a warning is required.

These examples highlighted the importance of having a reliable and robust platform for communication. On the same note, businesses can take reference from them and see the importance of using SMS regardless of payment confirmation, notify customers and delivery notification or even urgent announcements.

However we would not suggest removing email notifications completely, but instead, businesses can use SMS to add value.

Video Interaction Promotes Efficient Personal Touch

Well, since we all know that consumers today are spending more time on their phones. Hence, companies are constantly trying to enhance their customer experience. The concerns that businesses may have are the rising resources costs and how to go about implementing it.

The growing use of live video links on customer-facing websites provides a clear solution – the option to start a live video call to a human customer-service agent at any time. This allows the best personal service available to become accessible 24/7, providing the personal touch that consumers greatly value.

It also means operational costs can be significantly reduced, as customer support need not be physically on site and can now handle enquiries or complaints quickly.

Chat With An Expert From Wavecell

There are tons of features to help make your Video Interaction an efficient one. Have a chat with the Wavecell team at RISE Hong Kong from Tuesday, 11 July to Thursday, 13 July. Also, find out how you can start integrating SMS into your business at the Wavecell booth on 11 and 12 July.


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