Workato is an Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) that is gaining traction in the B2B landscape, offering a free 30-day trial. It is often used by B2B enterprises to connect or integrate different cloud services without requiring any programming skills.

Using Workato, easily integrate Wavecell’s APIs into any application, including Salesforce, Slack and Zendesk. Just follow the tutorial below! For the purposes of this tutorial, we will integrate our SMS API into Gmail.

What you’ll need

  1. A Wavecell account
  2. A Workato account
  3. A Gmail account

With these at hand, let’s get started!

1. Setting up the Gmail trigger

Log into your Workato account. Once you are at the dashboard, click Recipes on the menu and create a new recipe.

Select an app and trigger event. The app in our case is Gmail, and our trigger event is “New email”, since we want an SMS to be sent with every new email.

Workato integration link accountNext, you will need to link the trigger to a Gmail account. Either choose your account from the drop down menu, or link a new account. After creating the trigger, you may label it for future use.

Now that you have your trigger, you will create the action, which in our case is to send an SMS through Wavecell’s API.

2. Setting up your Wavecell SMS API

workato integration wavecell apiOn the next page, type and select “HTTP” in the field under App. Then, select “Send request” as your action and click Next.

workato integration setting up apiYou will be asked to create a new connection and the authentication type. Name your connection, and select “Header auth” as your authentication type.

Enter the following header details in the space provided under “Header authorization”:

Authorization: Bearer <Your API key*>
Content-Type: application/json

*You can find your API Key on the Wavecell Customer Portal under Configuration > API Keys

Then, click “Link your account”. You will receive a connection success message.

3. Configure action

workato integration configure actionBefore clicking finish, you will first need to configure your action by clicking on “Configure action”.

Select “POST” as your method and enter the request url. The request url can be found at the Customer Portal under Configuration > API Keys.

workato integration JSON requestUsing the default request content type, JSON copy the json text, again from your API Keys. You can use your own mobile number as a test. Now click Send request, and Apply configuration, and you should receive a text message.

If everything went well, just click finish, and you’ve made your first integration recipe!

Test your recipe. Your recipe will basically check for new email and send you an SMS message when you receive any.

You can now explore the different settings, and do a lot more with many different apps with your Wavecell SMS API. Have fun exploring!


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