The announcement of the WhatsApp Business API in August 2018 was met with tons of excitement. Thanks to its popularity and support for rich content, many businesses saw the potential of using WhatsApp to communicate with customers.

However, one question remains – how exactly can I use WhatsApp Business API to improve customer experience for my business?

We’d like to share 5 potential use cases for the WhatsApp Business API to inspire you. Using these examples, we’ll show you how you can both delight your customers and stand out from your competitors.

Before we begin, here’s a quick refresher on the key features of the WhatsApp Business API:

1. Personalised Recommendations – Netflix

Here’s one use case currently being tested by Netflix – personalised recommendations and updates. With an announcement banner above their home page, Netflix asks its users if they wish to receive recommendations for new shows on WhatsApp. Those who opt in will receive personalised updates and recommendations from Netflix’s Verified Business Profile on WhatsApp.

There’s limitless potential for this! With tailored recommendations, Netflix can continue to keep its users engaged and coming back for more. Users can engage in two-way conversations to ask for specific recommendations or customer support via WhatsApp.

2. Delivery Tracking for Customers

WhatsApp Business API GPS location

Using GPS for live location sharing has always been a useful feature on WhatsApp. You can now implement live location sharing for your customers to locate their deliveries with WhatsApp Business API

This will be particularly useful for e-commerce and food delivery businesses, as users will be able to see the location of the delivery person and chat with him without switching between apps.

Start using the WhatsApp Business Solution today using Wavecell’s Chat Apps API.

3. Two-Way Customer Conversations

WhatsApp Business API 2-way conversation

One of the biggest game-changing features for WhatsApp Business API is the support of two-way conversations with customers. This means that customers can initiate WhatsApp conversations with businesses seeking for support, queries or feedback.

Additionally, with the automatic reply features, businesses can significantly reduce the time spent on customer support.

4. Rich Real-Time Notifications

Using WhatsApp Business API, you will be able to attach rich content such as images and documents directly into your messages. This can help reduce friction in your customer journey as all attachments are on a single platform.

WhatsApp Business API Rich ContentFor example, an airline can now send a boarding pass directly to the customer’s WhatsApp for easy retrieval. Real-time updates on flight delays or changes can also be easily pushed.

Additionally, your links can display a preview of the destination. Adding link previews also adds to the trustworthiness of your links, and improves their clickability.

5. Instant Customer Feedback

After rendering your services, ask customers to rate you immediately via the same text conversation. This will ensure high-response rate and real-time updates as well. Customers are much more likely to respond to feedback surveys or messages if they are convenient for them.

The WhatsApp Business API helps you reach your customers through their most used messaging app, and gather instant feedback through their replies. Leverage on the data you receive to understand your customers better, through more reliable reporting based on a larger pool of responses.


Chat Apps APIs, including WhatsApp, can improve the efficiency and productivity of your business, making you a key player in this new era of technology. To learn how we can help expand your business’s growth through WhatsApp and other chat apps, check out our chat apps page.

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