Three typical words for insurance claims are “confusing”, “time-consuming” and “paperwork”. It does not mean that insurance companies are making things more difficult than they have to be on purpose. At times, policyholders may have forgotten what can or cannot be claimed, or submitted claims can have lacked certain documents.

These issues can thus prolong the claim process more than necessary. In other cases, multi-party claims may require several layers of verifications making it a lengthy and complex process for the insured.

Integrating Live Video Interaction technology into your business can ease up your internal workflow, claiming process and create happier customers.

Video interactions can happen anywhere your customers are, regardless of what devices they are using.

1. Let Customers Know They Can Reach You

Video Interaction To Improve Insurance Claims

Phone calls and emails are and still will be the most used method of communication. However, more and more companies are considering video live interaction with their subscribers as a major point of their digital transformation strategy.

By allowing customers to start a video call from your mobile application or website, you will save resources, be more productive and offer a better and more innovative customer experience.

2. Streamline Lengthy Insurance Claim Processes

Improving Insurance Claims

Insurance policies are notorious for their long lists of terms and conditions and multiple complex forms to fill out. The process can be easier for customers by using the co-browsing and screen-annotation features allowing agents to guide customers during the video call.

Agents can also screen-share or send insurance documents from the provided console. It is surprising how much such modern tools can increase customers’ satisfaction and streamline your customer relationship management.

3. Enable Insurance Claims On The Spot

Embedded video calling capabilities also change the claiming contexts for the subscribers facing any sinister, accident and other incidents. Insurance offering a mobile application with embedded video live interactions enable their customers to document insurance claims on the spot from their smartphones.

During the video call, they can allow the agent to remotely snap photos of the scene and damages. The agents can use visual clues to guide the customer. To complete the claim documentation, the GPS signal can be used to geo-locate the pictures. This makes the whole claiming process much more efficient for both agents and customers.

SightCall and Wavecell transforms the insurance industry with live video interaction powered by next-generation cloud communications platforms.

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