Even in terms of the buoyant Indonesian economy, their e-commerce call centre industry has been a strength. But what is the one element they may lack?

The latest figures revealed that the number of call centre seats grew by 12% in 2015 alone. This is further reiterated by Indonesia’s Contact Center Industry Market Forecast which noted that technology is expanding in the sector even faster than employment.

At the same time, the demands of customers – both domestic and overseas – are becoming more sophisticated. This is driven by the relentless rise and uptake of consumer technologies. In this regard, then the question to ask Indonesian retail and e-commerce contact center services is: which technologies do we invest in next?

Flexible technology with a broad appeal

The number of customer support requests through social networking applications marked a growth of over 200% in 2015 alone. Acquiring the tools to manage this, and further integration of social media into the customer support strategy was highlighted as key investments for the immediate future. These investments involve standard technologies that everybody is deploying. However, social media has its limits as well. It appeals primarily to younger customers, goes in and out of fashion, and is only suitable for simple interactions.

As corporations are increasingly moving complex transactions out of their branches and offices and into call centers, greater flexibility is needed. One technology that meets all the needs of Indonesia’s ambitious call centers is the Live Video Interaction solution.

Live Video Interaction is an excellent way of offering a cost-effective yet personal human connection. It appeals to the younger generation because it enables contact when and where they require. It sits on their favourite device – whatever that may be in the future. Yet, it can be adapted to deal efficiently with almost any situation.

At the same time, Live Video Interaction is also a great way of bridging the technology gap with older generations. Users are able to see and communicate to a real person. Consumers do not require the latest device or application because this technology is also compatible with a home computer. Furthermore, users can see that their inquiries are being taken seriously, and often answered immediately.

Needless to say, the success of this support service will only be as good as the customer service system present. Staff training, including aspects such as morale and recruitment policies, are vital.

Live Video Interaction key to secure premium clients for e-commerce

For Indonesian contact center firms targeting premium customers such as financial services providers, Live Video Interaction is a key selling point. This is because of the complexity of communication these firms require. The ability to conduct detailed security checks is also useful.

With this, financial firms can walk clients through complex documents at their convenience. Insurance firms are using Live Video in the claims process to view and assess damages in real time.

From a sales point of view, Live Video Interaction is invaluable. For regulated financial products like pensions, texts and tweets can be too short. In order to effectively follow-up on a valuable potential customer inquiry, agents must be able to engage on a face-to-face level.

The future is certainly looking bright for Indonesian call centers. They are not just growing, but moving into better market segments.

According to the Contact Center Industry Market Forecast , it mentioned: “The Indonesia Contact Center market will continue to see incremental growth in the 2016 – 2021 timeframe as enterprise and mid-market firms continue investing in customer service software and converged infrastructure.”

Success is relative

In an economy growing at over 5% annually and an industry that outstrips that, how will success be defined among Indonesian call centers? Certainly not by emulating average growth.

In this emerging market, the most ambitious call center service providers should start to up their game. By offering the most enhanced customer experience, they will compete for the best clients. This literally translates to global firms in lucrative segments.

Matthieu Fournier, Sales Director of Wavecell, and Hastaryo Cahyadi, Business Development Manager (Indonesia), will be explaining how businesses can personalise, automate and ensure seamless digital customer experience.

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Join them at the upcoming Internet Retailing Expo Indonesia 2018 on 24 January 2017, 11am and 12.40pm respectively, at the Level L Grand Ballroom, Pullman Jakarta Central Park Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia.

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