Today, we’re launching the new Wavecell Customer Portal. This is where you can view and manage the SMS campaigns that you have done.

Our development team has worked very hard for the past few months to create this easy-to-use and comprehensive user portal. We strive to make your life as a Wavecell customer easier.

Comprehensive Tidy Dashboard

The new dashboard displays both qualitative and quantitative information about your messages status (e.g. sent, scheduled, delivered, pricing and more)! As you add, update, and schedule messages, the dashboard automatically updates to provide you with real-time information. This will then give you a bird’s eye view of all your marketing campaigns.

Intuitive SMS Sender

Five simple steps and you are on your way to delivering amazing marketing content! Follow through a step-by-step tutorial on your first log-in. Additionally, learn the tips and tricks of the new SMS sender. Nothing too complicated!

How Do I Get Started On The Brand New Wavecell Customer Portal?

New Customers

From now on, if you sign up on, you will automatically receive an account on the new Wavecell customer portal. Thereafter, you can access your SMS sender and manage all your SMS campaigns with ease.

Existing Customers

In case you are already a Wavecell CP user, you are probably already in the beta version. You would have gotten an exclusive before-launch experience on our new portal.

Moving along, you will receive an official email invitation from Wavecell and a request to reset your password. With the increased security, you will now be ready to embark on the new customer portal platform!

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