At Wavecell, we take pride in our position as Asia’s trusted multi-channel cloud communications platform. We are therefore constantly striving towards providing you with more and newer ways to engage your customers.

Wavecell is excited to share the launch of our new Chat Apps API, opening up the possibilities for enhanced customer experience. Chat apps are being used more than ever before, and it is only natural that the next step to connect with your customers is through their favourite mode of communication.

Check out our Chat Apps API documentation.

Our Chat Apps API, which covers WhatsApp, WeChat, Google RCS and more, allows you to enjoy the following features:

1. Multiple channels, one Chat Apps API

Our Chat Apps API allows you to manage all of your communication across channels in one place. Not everyone uses the same chat app, and most people use more than one. It is invaluable to be able to reach your customers through the chat app channel they prefer.

Wavecell takes it a step further, allowing you to manage your messages across different chat app channels, including WhatsApp, WeChat and Google RCS, all through the same Chat Apps API. Furthermore, you can receive inbound messages from your customers through the same API as well.

Along with managing your channels in one place, you will also get unified analytics, with detailed reports and logs.

2. Automated fallback with rich content adaptation

Wavecell helps you to automate your fallback across the different chat app channels, with SMS as a final fallback to ensure that your communication will reach your customers, even without mobile internet coverage.

Chat Apps API Rich Content

Integrate rich content into your communications with Chat Apps API

One of the biggest appeals of using chat apps to communicate would be the possibilities for rich content. With chat apps, you can include carousels, boarding passes and quick reply buttons to enrich your communication with your customers.

We understand that rich content displays differently across different chat apps and SMS. Having to manually figure out how to adapt your content to each channel would take precious time and effort that could be spent crafting the best message. Wavecell has got you covered.

We automatically adapts your rich content to suit the chat app channel. In addition, you can include alternative fallback text content for if the message is sent through SMS.

Wavecell has made new improvements to our Customer Portal.

3. Easy orchestration using scenario builder

Our Chat Apps API makes orchestrating your fallback simple using our scenario builder. You can set the fallback order and time frame according to the use case. You can build multiple scenarios for your different use cases, and choose the system accordingly.

If, for example, you are notifying your customer on their food delivery, you may need them to receive your message quickly. You can set the fallback time period between channels to be just a few seconds to accommodate the time sensitivity. If you would like to send more rich content, you may prioritise delivering through the most suitable chat app over the speed of message delivery.

Get started today!

Just follow these simple steps to start using our Chat Apps API now:

  1. If you don’t have a Wavecell account, contact us at, and we will get you set up.
  2. We will then help you register your account for the use of chat apps and help set up the necessary steps.
  3. Once this is done, you can begin using the API endpoints in our documentation. The API key will be available in the Customer Portal.

For more information, check out our Chat Apps API page. If you have any queries, drop us an email at

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