My internship at Wavecell has taught me more than I could ask for. As the Marketing Communications (Marcomm) intern, I was exposed to a vast range of marketing job scope and functions, which include digital advertising, organising events, and creating marketing collaterals.

Endless learning opportunities


I found a love for writing, which is why I started writing professionally on a freelance basis. However, writing is a small part of Marcom. I wanted to learn about the other job aspects that make up Marcom. During my first few weeks at Wavecell, I got the hang of some interesting projects that drove Wavecell’s marketing strategy. These projects include brainstorming and planning digital campaigns, organising regional events, content writing, and more! The opportunity to be part of the entire Marcom process has developed me personally as well as professionally.

Core marketing projects

I was thrilled when I realised that the interns here in Wavecell hold equal responsibilities as the full-time employees. Getting assigned actual work allowed me to really contribute to the growth of the company! The major responsibilities I have undertaken have not only honed my marketing skills but also prepared me for the real working world.

Here is a snippet of some of the exciting projects I have worked on:
  • Organised an internal event from scratch, focusing on the communication channels, workshop content, and also sourced for the perfect venue for our regional and local colleagues to get together
  • Gained a better understanding of Wavecell’s internal culture when I conducted one-to-one interviews and wrote articles about the Wavecell journey of our employees.
  • Brainstormed and developed numerous marketing collaterals – corporate gifts, new product flyers, posters, and more

Sharifah 3-min

What was completely new to me was the digital marketing aspect of the Marcom process. Tools such as AdWords and Google Analytics used here were unfamiliar to me at first. However, under the guidance of my supervisors, I began to understand the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in contributing to the success of our marketing campaigns. The hands-on learning experience here at Wavecell is in stark contrast to the theories I learnt in class. I also analysed metrics – bounce rates and organic traffic, to determine our campaign effectiveness. These are some things that you just can’t learn off textbooks or lecture notes.

Being able to participate in the Marcom process helps to set things into perspective. I began to understand how certain tasks are all part of a huge branding chain. No task is too menial for me; every aspect is important in ensuring the consistency of the Wavecell brand image. With this goal in mind, I strive to achieve the best possible result in every assignment.

The support structure


The environment is what makes the internship such a unique experience. I’ve been to meetings with different teams, and there’s never a dull moment here. Wavecell has colleagues from all around the globe, which I guess helps the company to see things from different points of view. Everyone here is very passionate about what they do, thus it boosted my confidence and played a huge part in shaping my learning experience at Wavecell.

The diversity here truly reflects the essence of Wavecell’s culture. I’ve had many opportunities with the senior employees here who’ve shared their background and experiences with me. My team is very approachable and my teammates provided constant advice and encouragement. I felt that Wavecell truly understands the importance of their interns’ growth, and are fully supportive throughout the entire journey!

The overall experience

Over the course of my internship at Wavecell, I have achieved my personal objectives. My internship experience at Wavecell provided an abundant set of challenges and steep learning curve which is applicable to my next career move.

If I were to pick the best part of the internship, it was getting to showcase the results of my efforts. The constructive feedback and constant support provided by my supervisors have helped me improve my work quality. I gain a great sense of fulfillment when my work contributes to the growth story of Wavecell. I hope that I will someday be able to experience the same level of engagement with another organisation.

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