At Wavecell, we’ve been hard at work to improve our video interaction solution and upgrade its capabilities.

We are delighted to announce the launch of new and exciting features to the our Video Interaction solution:

    • GPS Location feature
    • Call Reference
    • Agent Portal integration

Created with a strong focus on customer experience, these new features can help you improve customer engagements and drive more sales.

GPS Feature

Video interaction between customer support and client, showing GPS feature

The new “Get Location” function helps you to record your customers’ GPS location

Simply request for customers to share their location through your video call. Once they accept, their GPS location will be captured and added to the call records, which you can access anytime after the call is completed.

Wavecell new GPS feature automatically record your customers’ location. You will no longer need to switch apps or travel to verify a customer’s location. This can be especially valuable in the insurance sector, where GPS tracking is necessary for the motor claims process.

The feature can also be useful for record keeping in field service, as well as offering remote support to field technicians.

Read about MSIG Insurance’s Video Interaction Pilot Programme for an improved motor claims process.

Call Reference

This brand new feature lets you assign a reference number when starting a video interaction call. Call reference also allows you to easily retrieve and manage call logs and files, using your company’s own identification systems.

Start call in Video Interaction call reference

For example, when a customer makes a claim or calls for remote assistance through video, you can input their Claim ID or Ticket ID directly into the system. The file name and report will then be tied to the Claim ID or Ticket ID which corresponds to your own ID systems to track customer video calls. You can then export the records to consolidate your reporting.

Agent Portal Integration

Wavecell’s Video Interaction Agent Portal can now be easily integrated into any external CRM or application, to deliver a unified experience.

You may also choose to test the video call interface and functionality as a standalone portal, then integrate it into your own platforms.

Integrating the Agent Portal into your application will automate the following steps, making initiating a video interaction call a breeze.

    1. Log-in agent portal
    2. Populate phone number
    3. Add caller ID
    4. Send SMS invitation

customer support agent on video call

The agent portal integration feature will also integrate call logs into the reporting functions of your own platforms, unifying your analytics.

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