SMS Engage is now available via API

Wavecell’s SMS Engage feature enhances customer experience and engagement through embedding links in SMS message campaigns. It’s now available through API.

What I’ve learned – Growth hacks for your Southeast Asian startup

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. What does it take for startup entrepreneurs venturing into Southeast Asia?

url shortener using wavecell's api for sms marketing

How to Optimise SMS Marketing With Shortened URLs

Shortened URLs add huge value to your SMS marketing campaigns while also improving customer experience. The opportunities are endless.

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Making The Case For SMS Solutions In Asia’s Internet-Obsessed Culture

SMS has been around since the early days of mobile phones and remains one of the most effective methods to engage mobile users.

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Cloud Communications vs Traditional IT Infrastructure: Which Is Better?

There are some financial institutions who are still clinging to traditional IT infrastructure, instead of migrating onto the Cloud communications.

Global SMS API providers that you can select

SMS API Providers: How To Choose The Right One?

Businesses and developers should partner with reliable and established SMS API providers whose dedicated business is in developing secure bulk SMS gateways.

wavecell mt everest

Wavecell’s Successful Everest Summit – “To greater heights”

Against all odds and 36 hours of life-changing determination, Singapore-based French entrepreneur, Paul Valin, successfully made his summit to Mount Everest

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SMS Marketing – Is Your SMS Sender ID Important?

Branding your SMS allows you to set your preferred name to make an instant connection with a potential customer or client.

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3 Tips How Southeast-Asian E-Commerce Can Increase Conversion Rates

E-commerce businesses in the digital age can benefit massively by using cloud communications to better optimise their conversion rates.