receive a message from wavecell sms api on phone

What Is An SMS API?

With SMS APIs, you can send customised bulk text messages to customers in a variety of formats. Learn more about what is an SMS API.

/ April 2, 2018

Maximise Customer Feedback With SMS Engage Feature

The newly released Wavecell SMS Engage feature is an easy, affordable and incredibly fast way to gather customer insights and feedback. Find out more!

/ March 22, 2018

Automated Mobile Verification API for your Apps

Verifying your users can be made simpler, more effective and in real-time with Wavecell’s enhanced Mobile Verification API feature. Read more here!

/ March 20, 2018
logistics companies on phones for tracking and delivery notifications

5 Ways Logistics Companies Can Boost Customer Experience

Discover the 5 things your logistics company should do to digitalize the touchpoints of the last-mile fulfilment - where it matters most to your customers.

/ March 12, 2018

SMS Marketing Do’s And Don’ts

The era of digital marketing is booming. So, if you haven't been texting your customers, it is time you start. Here's some tips to kickstart SMS Marketing.

/ March 5, 2018
cloud communications technology falling from the sky

What Is Cloud Communications?

With Cloud Communications, you can engage with customers via Voice, SMS & Video, all in a single platform. Save cost, space, & scale your business today!

/ March 1, 2018

Meet Sharifah: Marcomm Intern

Take a look at our insider series about the amazing people that make up Wavecell. This week, we introduce Sharifah, our Marcom Intern.

/ February 21, 2018

A day in the life of a Product Manager

Take a look at our insider series about the amazing people that make up Wavecell. This week, we introduce Raymond, our Product Manager.

/ February 6, 2018

10 Effective Tips To Succeed In Guerrilla SMS Marketing

Unsure about how to begin your SMS Marketing journey? Find out how you can succeed with our Top 10 SMS Marketing Tips here today.

/ February 1, 2018
man standing in jakarta indonesia to promote brand and e-commerce

Why Indonesian E-Commerce Call Centers Should Up Their Game

How can retailers and e-commerce call centre services improve consumer experiences, capture market by adopting the latest Video Interaction technology?

/ January 22, 2018

5 Steps To Enhance Customer Experience In Indonesia

As one of the most populous countries in the world, Indonesia’s digital landscape is transforming and enhancing customer experience is key.

/ January 2, 2018

Transforming Customer Experience With Video Interaction

Live Video Interaction provides the solution to convenient business transactions without losing that traditional personal touch in services.

/ December 14, 2017