OTT messaging and A2P messaging

OTT messaging, such as Whatsapp, took the world by storm by replacing P2P messaging. In turn, enterprises and SMBs are steadily increasing their use of A2P messaging for their businesses.

According to Juniper Research, “the global SMS market will be worth around $112.9 billion by 2019”.

There has been an increase in demand from more operators and aggregators seeking opportunities to increase their SMS revenue streams. Typically, they partner with domestic and global A2P messaging service providers.

Here are the top 3 factors you should look out for when finding suitable A2P partners:

1)    Routing expertise

A reliable partner carefully curates its pool of partners and connectivity providers. This is to ensure that their customers enjoy first-class connectivity for every single country that they cover.

Wavecell does just that. We consistently build solid relationships with local carriers and main telecoms players. This is to maintain a high-quality level and maintain an awareness of the local constraints. A reliable partner can best-adapt the routing configurations enabling your business operations.

2)    Secured and scalable technology and constant innovation

Companies involved in the A2P SMS business, definitely require a secured and stable platform. This is to deal with the routings, potential security threats, reports/statuses and more.

Wavecell takes our platform seriously by constantly evolving over the last 5 years towards the highest industry standards. Our internal R&D team priority is to constantly optimize our scalability, connectivity, deliverability performances and maintaining high-security standards whilst deploying innovative solutions.

3)    Consider partners with a growing regional presence and a proven track-record

To optimize your A2P revenue streams, work with the right partners who are strong in their areas of focus. Including a proven and ever-improving track record. Does the partner have a substantial client database or is able to ensure the delivery of high-volumes of SMS traffic?

Our Wavecell team reaches out to startups, e-commerce and developers. We actively engage enterprises to optimize their local and global communication infrastructure. To date, we drive SMS API for various key industry players:

  • The biggest marketplace company in APAC.
  • The strongest on-demand ride booking business in South East Asia.
  • Several leading eCommerce, FinTech, OTT companies and more.

Wavecell brings telecom services to any web or mobile application. This is done through simple APIs and interconnections connecting to a World-class cloud communications platform.

We are excited to be at WAS#4 in Dublin on 31 October to 02 November 2016. Catch us there – we’ll be happy to have a chat with you.

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