A key way to enhance consumer engagement is leveraging on messaging solutions. Find out how you will save time if you can leverage on this effectively.

Today’s consumer is part of an on-demand culture that expects quick results and immediate action. All aspects of your business, from customer service, delivery notifications and information sharing are impacted by consumer demand for speed.

Messaging is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to engage your consumers. Because consumers are connected more than ever through various messaging applications, with over half of the 1.4 billion users in Asia Pacific, it makes sense that companies utilise these platforms to effectively engage their customers.

Here are 5 ways that using messaging can save time for the company and your customers.

1. Automation

The simplicity and efficiency of automated messages allow brands to manage notifications or updates to thousands, if not millions of customers quickly and easily.

Your customers can be notified automatically of changes in service, sales opportunities and reminders. No longer do you or your customer have to worry about things like ‘Is their warranty about to expire?’ or ‘Are there exclusive offers this month?’.

This saves countless hours having to sift through databases of people and manually match their profile to the required parameters. The impact is far and wide, with multiple industries and aspects of the business benefiting from simple messaging automation:

  • Notifications about package delivery save logistic providers from many man-hours of having to manually track each package, while consumers are kept up-to-date on their delivery timings.
  • 2FA verification and authentication is now the norm for banks around the world, where every login attempt triggers an automatic message with your authentication code.
  • Customer service is also enhanced through automated messages, providing customers with immediate solutions, information, and updates on their requests.

2. Segmentation

Every business builds (or at least every business should build) a database of customers in order to actively engage them. If you’re looking to send updates, such as a new store opening or product offering, to customers who reside in a specific geographical location or just SME owners in Indonesia for example, you need to be able to create groups or segment your audience.

Messaging solutions allow you as the business owner to send messages customised to large groups of people quickly and easily. This prevents you from spamming many of your customers with irrelevant updates and saves you time from having to manually send individual messages.

lady calling on phone smiling without messaging3. An easy alternative to calling

Feedback remains a critical aspect to your customer service and your business as a whole. Learning how customers perceive your service, while at the same time showing them you’re willing to improve is a crucial part to your business.

Learn how to maximise your feedback SMS-to-form feature.

Businesses can now send links through SMS or their preferred chat app, such as LINE, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Telegram, and others, which launch a mobile-optimised landing page for surveys or even a comments sections – whatever you want, actually! This allows businesses to send out thousands of feedback forms in an instant to gather essential information and feedback.

4. Improved responsiveness

Texting is designed to be fast. Statistics from the 2010 study Conversational Advertising states that text messages are opened within three minutes, making it one of the most efficient engagement tools. As consumers began to evolve, the messaging channels may have evolved, but the responsiveness and convenience of messaging hasn’t changed.

Read why SMS is crucial to eCommerce in Southeast Asia.

Emails, mailed brochures, or handouts have limited impact, as consumers easily ignore emails, rarely look at mailed brochures and handouts, but are tied to their mobile phones. Using messaging for feedback, updates, notifications, and marketing, allow brands to engage their customers easily and significantly improve response rate cost effectively.

overload of emails on the computer and lack of responsiveness

5. Messaging as a security feature

Cybersecurity is a crucial part of every online business, and the use of 2FA is a growing solution to a lot of online crime and fraud. Using mobile verification (link to our article on mobile verification) allows businesses to quickly verify customers, ensuring there is no drop-off while maintaining the quality of security.

The growth of eCommerce and digital banking solutions has made it essential for quick and simple online security messages such as 2FA.

By improving the quality of security for online businesses, without sacrificing customer experience, messaging solutions are the most efficient and quickest way to implement comprehensive online security measures. As regulators across the Asia Pacific continue to tighten the regulations regarding cybersecurity, the ability to keep up with the standards and in some cases become the market leader is crucial for any business.

Saving Time With Messaging Solutions Saves You Money

Less staff responsibility lowers business payroll and improves productivity on the remaining tasks. Messaging solutions services are affordable and scalable, allowing you to reach more customers easily and quickly.


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