SMS marketing is a trend which is showing no signs of slowing down; more companies are including SMS into their marketing brief as they recognise its potential.

Many marketing SMS messages include URLs to direct recipients to additional content outside of the text message itself. The use of URLs enables businesses to include rich content in their SMS marketing via a short and simple link.

The problem with URLs is that they are often long, which takes up a lot of valuable marketing copy space within an SMS message. The solution is simple: Wavecell’s URL shortener converts a regular website URL into a condensed link between 10 and 21 characters, which much more aesthetically pleasing.

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Why Use Shorter URLs In SMS Marketing?

There are many reasons why it is important to use shorter URLs in text messages. These shortened URLs add huge value to your SMS marketing campaigns while also improving the customer experience.

Use URLs in promoting your SMS marketing efforts such as gaining readership for your newsletter, or offering any special offers or discount codes on your website; the opportunities are endless. SMS messages have a higher click-through rate than most other types of marketing, making this the ideal way to lead prior and potential customers to where you want them.

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1) Trustworthy URLs

Shorter URLs are more visually appealing and look more trustworthy. Many consumers are getting wiser when it comes to internet safety and exercise more caution when clicking on links and visiting sites. A more trustworthy-looking URL has a higher chance of being engaged with.

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2) Customisable URLs

With URL shorteners, you can customise your links to include whatever you want. A shortened URL is not just a random string of letters or numbers – you are able to include your brand name, keywords or anything else you would like. It’s much more personalised, which is what marketing is all about.

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3) More characters for your marketing message

Shortened URLs free up more text characters for your SMS marketing messages, allowing you to get more out of your marketing. The more engaging the message you have in your text, the more likely that customers will read and interact with your SMS.

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4) Click tracking

Using a shortened URL, you can engage in click tracking, which delivers valuable analytics. You can use analytics to determine the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns. Analytics include metrics such as the number of SMSes delivered, interacted and clicked on are just a few of many.

Surveys and Shortened URLs

Another use of shorter URLs is the deployment of surveys. Surveys are a valuable part of any marketing campaign and are very simple to put together with Wavecell.


The once slow and ineffective approach to gathering customer feedback is now made instantaneous with Wavecell’s SMS Engage feature.

This powerful feature allows you to send online forms and surveys to your customers through neatly embedding shortened URLs into your SMSes. This helps to increase customer engagement rates and enables you to gain comprehensive consumer insights.

Besides simplifying the survey process, you can use SMS Engage for other purposes as well. For example, customers can use forms to redeem vouchers or discount codes by providing an email address.

How it Works

Wavecell’s URL shortener is very simple and does not require any technical know-how! Once you enable the URL shortener, it automatically shortens your links when you send your SMS marketing out. There are also personalisation options, enabling you to customise these URLs as well.

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If you would like to start using shortened URLs for your SMS marketing campaigns – which we highly recommend – come, talk to us at

If you would like to learn more, feel free to check out our FAQs on the URL shortener over at our support page.

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