These days, anything is possible with technology. How do we enhance a traditional communication platform such as Text Messaging or SMS to engage the customers of today? Below are just some examples of what you can do to get your customers’ feedback, opinions, instant updates and more through Wavecell’s SMS Engage.

SMS Engage lets you do all of the above and more in the most seamless way: through links in SMS messages.

While updating your customer on their order, you can also ask them to confirm or reschedule the delivery. This saves you from turning up to an empty home and saves your customer from chasing down a failed delivery. You can also send your customers SMSes with vouchers and discount codes that are a click away from redemption, making their experience much more comfortable.

Now, Wavecell is going one step further by making SMS Engage available to you through API.

With the API, you can now enjoy these benefits:

Enhancing Customer Experience With SMS Engage

Ways to enhance customer experience with Wavecell SMS Engage

1. Automate your SMS Engage campaigns

You can integrate your SMS Engage campaigns into your application(s) to have full control over them. Fully automate your campaign processes, instead of having to switch platforms to manage different aspects of your campaigns. The already efficient SMS Engage feature becomes even more streamlined through simple API integration.

2. Use any programming language you prefer

Using our API to integrate SMS Engage into your applications means that you won’t be limited to any one programming language. Your developers can use whichever programming language they prefer to integrate SMS Engage with mobile apps, web apps or backend apps. We’ll provide you with all the information you’ll need to use our API, but the rest is up to you!

3. Send SMS Engage campaigns from anywhere, anytime

After you’ve integrated SMS Engage in your app, nothing is in your way. You can send bulk or personalised SMS Engage campaigns from anywhere, at anytime, using your application. You’ll receive live responses, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of your engagement with your customers in real-time.

4. Directly connect to Wavecell’s SMS Gateway

Just like our SMS API, our SMS Engage API directly connects to Wavecell’s secured gateway. That just means that your messages will be sent more quickly and reliably. This allows you to receive instant confirmations or feedback from your customers. You can ease the tension of having to send time-sensitive messages such as delivery confirmations by relying on our SMS Gateway.

Start using our API now:

It’s free to sign up with us! If you have any questions, you may also contact our sales team at to find out how you can integrate SMS Engage into your customer engagement efforts. Examples include star ratings, Net Promoter Score (NPS), vouchers and order confirmations.

Fret not, we’ll provide you with all the information that you’ll need to start using our SMS Engage API. You can check out our full documentation here.

Don’t forget, you can still use our Customer Portal to send and receive SMS Engage messages as well!

As always, you can learn how we can help expand your business’s growth using cloud communication technologies at

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