98% of SMS messages sent are opened. And, 90% of people who receive an SMS read it within 3 minutes. These are the reasons why you chose SMS as a customer engagement tool in the first place. It’s only natural that you’d like to keep track of your SMS campaigns so that you can use the information for your internal reports as well as for developing future campaigns.

Previously, to check on your past Wavecell activity, you had to log in to our Customer Portal and manually go through the records of SMSes sent. While this is simple and feasible for human agents, it does not allow your applications or services to access the information.

We’ve noticed this concern and released a new API endpoint, allowing you to retrieve logs for your previous SMS campaigns. You can access the details for each message sent, as detailed in the developer documentation here.

How it works
img1_SMS History API

Your API request

To retrieve your SMS history records, you just have to send a GET request to the report/sms-history endpoint. In your request, you will need to provide the beginning and ending dates of the records you require. Conveniently, our API can output logs in JSON or CSV formats, so you can choose the format you prefer.

img2_SMS History API

The response of the API to the above request

When you send the API request, what you will receive are logs containing the individual details for each message that you have sent. Amongst the details, you will find is the phone number the SMS was sent to, the Sender ID used, the price billed and the simplified delivery status of the SMS.


Using our SMS History API, you will now have the information that you need to have better control of your SMS activity. Consequently, you will be able to improve your visibility as well.

By importing data into data-warehouses, you can make them available to business intelligence solutions. This will aid you in finding the best strategies for your customer engagement efforts. Additionally, you can also compute custom statistics and reports about your SMS activity. You can then use these reports to form metrics that are relevant to your business.

If you’d like to learn more about using the SMS History API, drop us an email at support@wavecell.com

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