Zapier is an Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS), which allows for hassle-free connection of applications to automate your work processes. Zapier has gained popularity due to its ease of use, being dubbed as “consumer friendly” and offers both a free and a paid premium version.

By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to integrate Wavecell’s APIs into any application, including your CRM and communication platform, through Zapier. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will integrate our SMS API into Intercom, to send automated welcome SMS to new customers.

What you’ll need

  1. A Wavecell account
  2. A Zapier account
  3. An Intercom account (or any application of your choice)

1. Setting up the Intercom trigger

Log into your Zapier account and you will be directed to your dashboard.

At the dashboard, you can choose to connect two separate applications. In this case, our applications will be Intercom and Webhooks by Zapier.

Step 1: Zapier dashboard

Now, select a trigger and an action. Since target audience are new customers, we set our trigger to be “New User”, and since we will be calling our SMS API to send SMS, we set our action to be “POST”. Once done, click on “Make a Zap!” to proceed.

2. Connecting your Intercom account

On the next page, select “Connect an Account”.

A separate window requesting access to your Intercom account will open. Acknowledge the access that you are giving to Zapier by clicking on “Authorise Access” and then “Save + Continue”.

Step 2: Intercom account set up

Select any user, then click “Continue”. Zapier takes this user as a test environment to assist in the setting up of your Zap.

You have now completed your Intercom account setup! All that is left is your Wavecell SMS API.

3. Setting up your Wavecell SMS API

Under your apps, click Webhooks and select POST. On this page, you will be asked to fill up some fields for the set up of your Webhooks by Zapier POST.

For the first field, the required URL can be found at our Customer Portal under Configuration > API Keys:

curl -X POST 

Next, select “JSON” as your payload type.

zapier integration with SMS API

Under Data, insert the following keys and fill up the appropriate information:

  1. Source: This will be your SenderID, the name which your customers will see when they receive your message.
  2. Destination: This is the phone number you want your test message to be sent to.
  3. Text: This is the content for your text. This can be whatever you want, however for the purpose of this tutorial, we will insert a welcome message for our receiver.
  4. Encoding: For this field, enter AUTO.
Step 5: Header

Lastly, skip ahead to Headers, use your authorization mentioned in our Customer Portal under Configuration > API Keys.

-H “Authorization: Bearer aad8v44DCTYcQuoUpISzPxujS56bsedQ07RJgX8Qc” 

Once you have filled up the fields mentioned above, click “Continue”.

You will be brought to a page displaying a summary of your settings. Be sure to check that the information is correct before clicking “Send Test To Webhooks by Zapier”.

If everything went well, you will receive this message:

Congratulations, you have successfully made your first Zapier integration!

With this recipe, every new user you get on Intercom will be automatically sent your customised welcome message.

I hope this tutorial helped you get a basic understanding of Zapier integration. From here, you can explore the different settings and through Zapier, enhance your applications with your Wavecell SMS API. The possibilities for integration are endless! Have fun exploring!

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