One traditional method that businesses shouldn’t overlook is SMS Marketing. Read on to find out the do’s and don’ts of this effective method!

Text messages have an exceedingly high open rate of more than 90%, as compared to emails. SMS campaigns also have seven times greater performance than email campaigns.

So, if you haven’t been texting your customers, it is time you start.

Sending relevant business-related SMS helps your business to effectively nurture and establish long-term relationships with your customers. However, an SMS marketing campaign must be pleasant and this means not blasting your SMS campaigns in the middle of the night. A balance must be struck to reap maximum benefits from the marketing effort.

Do’s of SMS Marketing

receiving emails and notifications through mobile

  • Brand your messages to enhance credibility

Catchy and brand-oriented SMS marketing campaigns capture the essence of your brand and position it effectively! Moreover, including a clear call-to-action in the SMS tells the customers what they need to do after reading it. A useful tip is to keep the 5Ws (Who, What, Where, When, Why) and 1H (How) in mind.

  • Personalize your messages

Remember to keep the human touch in your 160 characters. Consumers do not like to be approached by a brand; they appreciate communication with real people who care. This makes for exceptional customer service in your brand’s name, so every character counts. Start with an attention-grabbing message like “Hello Chloe”, “Something just for you” or “Rewards”.

  • Keep messages short and clear

SMS marketing is one of the many tools of marketing. You must craft your messages skillfully so that it not only grabs the customer’s attention, it makes them want to know more about the brand. Remember to apply the KISS principle – Keep It Short and Simple.

While its advantages proved to be indefinite, using SMS services incorrectly can also be harmful to your business. It is best to avoid these in your SMS marketing campaigns:

Don’ts of SMS Marketing

receiving spam on your phone, bad for sms marketing

  • Avoid slang

Even though SMS marketing comes with a character limitation, slangs and abbreviations are not ideal for business communications. Keep your target audience in mind! If your SMS is undecipherable, you can expect your audience to ignore your marketing communications, or unsubscribe from it entirely. Furthermore, the use of unprofessional language in an SMS campaign can potentially affect your brand image.

  • No spam

No one appreciates early morning or late-night messages. Similarly, no one likes receiving too many messages at one go. Therefore, you must efficiently manage the timing and frequency of your campaigns. Only deliver value to all who have opted for your SMS communication, otherwise, your customers will eventually unsubscribe from your promotional list if they do not find it beneficial.

  • One-time passwords should not arrive too late

Certain brands require a One-Time Password (OTP) SMS feature for verification. Be it for account or payment confirmation, it is crucial to have timely delivery of OTP notifications to ensure users are able to complete their transactions successfully. Also, the OTP in the message should be straightforward for users to follow-up immediately.

Enhancing business communications strategies

SMS marketing strategies are meant to enhance your business and not give customers the idea that they are being spammed. It is used to foster a strong relationship with the target audience. Additionally, incorrect practices can drive them away and all the opportunities that came with your SMS list will be ruined.

If you wish to engage SMS marketing to enhance customer experiences with your brand, get in touch with Wavecell at to start simplifying real-time communications.

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