Many businesses are slowly discovering that the humble SMS that offers the best value for e-commerce marketing. Here’s why:

Experience Almost Total Market Penetration

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Mobile connections in SEA amounted to 776.3 million in 2015

Compared to other marketing methods, SMS offers almost complete market penetration. Research by wearesocial found that mobile connections in Southeast Asia in the fourth quarter 2015 amounted to 776.3 million, and that’s an average of 1.24 mobile connection per person.

In comparison, the internet had just 40% market penetration (252 million active internet users). While social media had 37% market penetration (232 million active social media users).

The difference in penetration is even bigger for specific countries with low levels of internet access. In Myanmar, the number of internet connections is equal to 9% of the population; the same statistic was 56% for mobile. In Timor-Leste, a country where the number of internet connections is equal to just 1% of the population, mobile market penetration is 71%.

SMS open rates are 5x higher than email.

Almost every SMS sent is being open and read, unlike the email. Oracle found out that SMS open rates averaged 99%, and this figure is five times higher than in email (22%). Additionally, user response time was 2,400x faster, with the average user responding to a text message within 90 seconds; it takes an average of two and a half days to respond to an email.

Since only 1% of SMS is considered as spam, compared to 90% of email messages, users expect SMS to be either useful or personal. Furthermore, you’ve got lesser competition for e-commerce marketing – the average user in 2015 received 7x fewer text messages than emails each month (178 vs. 1,216).

Support Business Processes By Integrating SMS

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Due to the short messaging format, customers don’t expect the personal touch from an SMS for e-commerce marketing. You can integrate your messaging with your current systems and processes and leave it to run automatically.

E-commerce stores can, in turn, incur significant costs from missed deliveries. The more deliveries you miss, the more money you lose. Drivers can send out automatic delivery SMS reminders to customers when they reach their destination. This is particularly important if it is cash upon delivery, and a missed delivery might not only mean a wasted trip, but also a lost business.

Alternatively, one may send a one-time password (OTP) for new account holders via SMS. The immediacy of SMS makes it much more likely they will respond and continue with the purchasing process.

SMS is far more effective than email when you meet the immediate attention of a customer.

Introducing Wavecell For E-commerce Marketing

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