Creating a persuasive SMS copy is frustrating — especially if you have zero training in copywriting. Perhaps that’s why you’re drawn to text message templates. You no longer have to write from scratch. 

Unfortunately, these SMS templates rarely work. They’re far too generic and don’t apply to your unique business.

Which is why this blog post isn’t a list of ready-to-use text message templates. Rather, it’s a list of what’s currently working in the B2C world.

Ready to convert customers and grow your business?

Let’s begin.

1. Win New Sales 

Company: Moriarty’s Gem Art, a retail e-commerce jewelry store.

Why This Text Message Template Works 

(i) Urgency

“Don’t delay, or it will be gone before you know it” strikes the fear of missing out in customers, so much so that it entices them to buy right away. According to marketing manager Jeff Moriarty, this copywriting tactic attracted 90% of sales.

(ii) Power Words

These power words and phrases (New, One of a kind design, and Nothing like it) create “high arousal” emotions. They lure customers to take action.

(iii) Power Images

Arts and words make a strong pair. This SMS copy elicits an emotional impact through the use of a beautiful picture.

Key Takeaways

  • Support copy with images to create a visual experience, especially if you sell visually appealing products like jewelries and clothes.
  • Add urgency. Expiration dates and quantity warnings provoke customers to take fast action. This SMS marketing best practice won’t go away anytime soon.
  • Use power words to boost conversions. Power words demand attention as they trigger an emotional response. A promotional message of a ride-hailing company like: “Save more with [ride option] and enjoy our amazing discounts up to 50% off! Limited to first 2000 customers.” appeals to customers who don’t want to miss a good deal.  

2. Recapture Sales With Abandoned Carts

text message templates

Company: Tacuna Systems, a B2C e-commerce business that sells load cell types, conditioners, and amplifiers.

Why This Text Message Template Works 

(i) Incentive + Urgency

The 10% discount code, paired with an expiration date, tempts customers to act fast as it will be gone soon. According to Joe Flanagan from Tacuna Systems, this SMS template converted 58% of their customers. 

(ii) Personalization

Addressing customers by their first name creates an instant connection. 

Key Takeaways

  • Sweeten the pot with a low premium offer. Perks like an abandoned cart discount encourage customers who are on the fence to buy from you. Test to see if a percentage or dollar-based discount works best.
  • Address customers by their first name. The first few words in your SMS are shown in the notification window. With their names front and center, customers are intrigued to open it.
  • Highlight urgency. Limited stocks and expiration dates promote fast action as it creates a fear of losing a good deal.

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3. Support Customers With High-Buying Intent 

Company: Expert Advice, a virtual dental consultation provider.

Why This Text Message Template Works 

(i) Great Welcome Message

This welcome message creates a memorable first touchpoint.

(ii) Attractive Lead Magnet

A fully customized video is jam-packed with value, so it’s no surprise it converted 60% of prospects into customers. This tactic by Expert Advice also demonstrates their expertise right away.  

Key Takeaways

  • Build a strong impression. You have seven seconds to make a first impression, so make sure your SMS templates for marketing and transactions are aligned with your brand.
  • Include an attractive lead magnet in your opt-in form. It’s an effective way to educate prospects and nurture them into paying customers. For InsurTech, a lead magnet could be a free 30-minute session with an insurance agent. For a nutrition e-commerce business, a 15% discount or an ebook.

4. Attract Positive Reviews

text message templates - customer satisfaction

Company: MyRoofingPal, an online marketplace that connects people with home improvement contractors. 

Why This Text Message Template Works 

(i) Easy Action

By responding with just one key press, says Courtney Keene, the Director of Operations, MyRoofingPal attracted 1 in 3 customer reviews.

(ii) Sense of Community

“Help other homeowners in your area know which contractors to hire — and which to avoid” compels customers to respond and help others make a better buying decision. 

(iii) Aligned with the Customer’s Journey

All messages are targeted and in tune with the post-purchase flow.

Customers who reply a 4 or 5 rating receive the following message: 

text message templates - customer satisfaction

Customers who leave a 1-3 star rating will receive a personal call from a support rep. 

Key Takeaways

  • Create automated responses that are aligned with the customer’s journey
  • Create an easy call-to-action (CTA). The faster and easier it is, the likelier customers will respond.
  • Deliver on the promise on what you do. When you encourage customers to share reviews and step in when things go wrong, you instill trust in them.

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5. Authenticate Customers

Company: TransferWise, a FinTech app for people to send and receive money around the world. 

Why This Text Message Template Works 

(i) Clear and Direct

What’s one of the big Dos in transactional SMS? Ensuring the one-time password (OTP) is straightforward for customers to follow-up immediately. TransferWise nailed this perfectly.

(ii) Urgent

The time limit (i.e., 2 minutes) prompts fast action and ensures a smooth customer experience. It also minimises the chances of your account security being compromised.

Key Takeaway

Keep it ultra simple. Transactional SMS facilitates a transaction, so use short and action-driven copy. For a logistics company: “Provide code XXX when our driver contacts you” is far clearer than “Get your package by providing code XXX when contacted by our driver”.

Which of These Text Message Templates Are You Most Excited to Try?

Most SMS templates are ineffective, as digital marketers use them word for word. 

As you rewrite your SMS templates for marketing and transactions, consider your unique business. 

Apply these key takeaways, conduct A/B tests to see which works, and start to see your business grow. 

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