Customer service tools have long been due for an upgrade. In most industries, response time and the manner in which you respond is a major concern. From customer engagement to critical response in healthcare, customer service has become an integral part of both consumer and enterprise businesses. This is why businesses are looking to video call technology for customer service.

With globalisation and companies expanding their presence across the world, having a dedicated customer service team per market has become difficult to sustain. A company with presence in over 500 cities may find it hard to staff a 24-hour customer service team in each of the 500 cities. So, having a centralised service is the norm nowadays.

Is video interaction the best customer service tool for your business?

It started as a faceless voice reciting scripted answers, and has developed into automated messages sent through email. Whatever its format, a customer service agent has long been seen as a necessary evil, as opposed to a powerful tool in business. But those days are fast changing, as a recent study showed that marketers view customer service and experience as the best way to differentiate themselves from competing brands.

The revolution is ongoing and we believe video call technology is fueling the change.

How Do We Define Customer Service?

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A broad definition of customer service is to provide assistance and advice to your customers. This definition still stands, but the implications and the definition of the terms “assistance” and “advice” have changed significantly.

Customers support agent, who used to take 48 hours or a week to respond to customer support request, must now meet the growing expectation that customers are now expecting immediate customer service. Not only that, customers are also demanding personalised and detailed assistance whenever and wherever they are. A recent Google study stated that most customers prefer to speak to a real person face-to-face (57%) or over the phone (59%) when making a complex purchase.

This creates significant challenges for companies, but there are solutions to this disruption to customer service. Video call technology is revolutionising the industry by bringing back personalisation in customer service, enhanced through technology. Let’s take a look at how this is happening.  

Benefits Of Video Call Technology For Customer Service

1. Access is no longer an issue

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HD camera screenshots and remote zoom capabilities are common features available on almost any smartphone. Whether it is on-boarding or diagnosing a patient, or an insurance claim that requires verification, a team of ready experts are available to assist at a moment’s notice.

This technology is widely accessible at a fraction of the cost compared to just a few years ago. Data and smartphone costs are reducing, removing the financial barriers to this technology.

Now customers can benefit in so many simple ways through being able to show what they are seeing or even sharing a screen, which is simple and easy. Coupled with clear audio means the customer can benefit from ‘face-to-face’ interaction as and when they need you.

2. Personalisation and differentiation

Each customer or client is different, so a standardised response no longer works in modern-day customer service. Being able to personalise your response while providing immediate solutions to the problem is essential. However, a challenge for businesses with wide service offerings or a customer base spread across the globe. Language barriers or product/service issues vary significantly, so having multiple experts on hand in every market is a challenge.

Using video call technology, companies can now provide an in-person and customised experience for their customer in the comfort of their own home or office. Actually, it’s much more than that, because video solutions have enhanced how companies can now engage their customers.

From being able to share URLs in real-time, and guiding the customer along every step, it is easier than ever to keep your customer engaged. Your customer support agents can obtain the customers’ GPS location with photo timestamps to help pinpoint the where and when of a case. This is revolutionising the insurance industry as it allows customer service agents to:

  • Easily and efficiently on-board new clients from anywhere in the world
  • Cut down time needed to process claims and allows insurance agents to review damages in real-time
  • Reduce costs by being able to centralise your team and streamline your entire process

3. Easy collaboration

More often than not, your customers need a bit of hand-holding through issues or on-boarding. Having someone with you during the process is crucial if you’re confused or are new to the situation, so collaborative video services are a must-have.

The convenience of being able to share URLs and have co-browsing capabilities, means that customer service agents are with you every step of the way when it comes to filling out forms or submitting information. This saves time for customers and prevents drop-off during on-boarding for companies.

In healthcare, triage is usually the first point of contact between patients and medical staff. Having a patient enter their history or fill out a questionnaire remotely can be challenging, especially if the patients are sick and confused. A nurse or member of your care team guiding the patient through the process via Video Interaction can speed up the process and reduce critical errors. The doctor can then see the patient faster. This helps healthcare professionals provide the correct treatment and cover a wide geographical area cost-effectively.

Customer service has never been more important or as challenging as it is right now. With the right Video Interaction solutions you can improve engagement with your customer, while efficiently managing your costs of running a global or regional customer service centre. To learn how we can help expand your business’s growth using these technologies, visit

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