Video Interaction may be what you are missing in your business. Let’s take a look at how we can use this tool to make your customers come back for more!

Customer service is the make-or-break factor for any business – bad customer service can be costly, and it is also a PR nightmare for any organisation. We’ve found a survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit that 76% of consumers agreed that a company should always prioritise customer service. It is obvious that the demand for a better customer experience is higher than ever.

Video Interaction is the future of customer service

According to the Boston Consulting Group, businesses who have incorporated personalised services have benefited a great deal with an increased revenue of about 6 to 10% compared to those who did not. Every customer wants to feel valued and this is where businesses should focus on – building customer loyalty.

Video Interaction is an effective one-to-one experience that businesses can adopt in key touch-points throughout their customers’ lifecycle. Various banking and insurance players in Southeast Asia are already leveraging on this unique tool.

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Here’s how integrating Video Interaction into your business can create happier customers:

1. Build better customer relationships

It is one thing to have effective communication with your customers, and another to earn their trust and loyalty to your brand. The “human touch” that Video Interaction offers, contributes to the authenticity of your brand and increases the emotional connection with your customers.

2. Provide instantaneous customer support

According to a survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit, 52% of consumers will reject a company due to slow and unsatisfactory responses. Start helping your customers make better and informed decisions with real-time customer support by utilising Video Interaction. Businesses must now begin to enhance customer experience and thus, improving customer retention.

3. Minimise hassle and saves time

Consumers sometimes struggle to understand the instructions given by customer agents over the phone or via lengthy email chains. They may even need to bring their purchased items to physical customer service centres to have it fixed. This entire process can be both time and resource-consuming for your consumers!

Instead, provide a seamless way for your customers to simply initiate a live video call with a customer support agent. They can be guided through the set-up process within minutes. Your customer support agent can also see what your consumer sees in real-time with HD images and videos. They can provide specific instructions by annotating the images. This greatly increases time-to-resolution efficiency and provides the consumer with a more personalized and enhanced experience.

4. Increase revenue

With customers’ concerns quickly resolved via Video Interaction, customers will have a pleasant engagement with your brand, it can also lead to recurring businesses from loyal customers. Based on the research by Harvard Business School, repeat customers means businesses will see their profits increase by a whopping 25 to 95%. Customers also tend to spend almost twice as much the longer they’re with the same brand!

There you have it! We believe that Video Interaction leads to happier customers because of its scalability and seamless integration into any customer touch-points. Now the question remains, how do you integrate Video Interaction to improve consumer experience for your customers?

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