We are delighted to share with you the fresh improvements to the Wavecell Customer Portal:

  • Analytics For Shortened URLs
  • New User Management Features
  • Allow Duplicates For Uploaded Files
  • Increased Logs Download Limit

With these new features, you can better manage your account and campaigns to deliver an amazing customer experience. Let’s dive deeper into these changes.

1. Analytics For Shortened URLs

URL Analytics Wavecell Customer Portal

With Wavecell’s URL shortener, you don’t just get automatically shortened URLs that fit neatly within your SMS messages. When we shorten your URLs, we generate unique URLs for each SMS sent, which allows us to track the SMS individually.

Now, you can access the detailed metrics for all your shortened URLs in the ‘Analytics’ module. The metrics available include message delivery status, total clicks and click rate. These can be filtered by date and displayed as a graph to identify key trends. Alternatively, you can export the data as a .csv file for in-depth analysis.

Tip: Make use of click rate data to better understand your customers. You may discover that they tend to click your URLs on certain days of the week, or that a particular message copy is gaining more clicks than the rest. Leverage on this data and optimise your SMS campaigns to improve your overall customer engagement.

To activate this feature, drop an email to support@wavecell.com.

2. New User Management Features

User Management Wavecell Customer Portal

We’ve heard your requests for greater control over your Wavecell account. You can now set permissions for other users to access your sub-accounts in the ‘User Management’ module. This feature is especially useful if you have offices operating across several countries.

There are two types of user permissions – Admin and User. Granting someone Admin permissions gives them access to all modules in your sub-account.

Admins also have access to payments in your account. Hence, make sure to give Admin permissions to the right people, since they can make significant changes to the account.

Alternatively, you can grant User permissions to give access selectively.

For example – you may give your Indonesian team User permissions to access just the SMS Templates module in your Thailand sub-account. This can aid them in launching a new campaign using these templates, but will not allow them to make changes to other modules.

3. Allow Duplicates For Uploaded Files

Allow Duplicates Wavecell Customer Portal

Another feature that we’ve just added to our SMS Sender is the ability to allow for duplicate numbers in your uploaded contact lists. By adding a column in your uploaded file for the message content, you can easily send different messages to the same customer. This saves you tons of time when sending messages to a large number of users.

4. Increased Logs Download Limit

Increased Logs Download Limit

Last but not least, we have increased the maximum download limit for individual log records to 500,000. We understand that as your company continues to grow, the volume of sent messages increases as well. Now, you can download all your log records for reference in just one easy click!

We added these Wavecell Customer Portal improvements to make managing your account and campaigns much easier. Head on over to our Documentation page to learn more on how to start using these features.

If you have any feedback or would like to try the Wavecell Customer Portal, feel free to drop us an email at hello@wavecell.com.

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