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The Philippines is seeing a steady increase of women finding a place in the male-dominated technology industry – which is good news – but more improvements are still needed. People are taking action by creating organizations and events to support Women in Tech in the Philippines, such as WiTech, Women Techmakers Manila, Women Who Code Manila, and more. 

Furthermore, the International Labor Organization released a report that close to 48 percent of managers in the Philippines are women. Compared to a decade or two ago, it seems like mindset and culture towards women in tech are shifting for the better! 

Our System Support Engineer, Hydie, is one of our women in tech from our operations team in Cebu. At Wavecell, we empower everyone in our team to take leadership in what they do and excel in as many ways as possible. We had an opportunity to find out more from Hydie on her experience working in the tech space.

How It All Started

Hydie started her career in Aviation and had little knowledge about cloud communications. So, it was a challenge for her to enter the tech space that Wavecell is in. However, with perseverance and encouraging teammates, Hydie’s journey with the company has been nothing short of amazing. When she came on board as a Technical Support Engineer in 2016, Hydie was intrigued by the tech space.

I often find myself asking questions such as “how are my files being synced to the cloud?”, “What is cloud computing?”, “what’s the concept behind it?”. Thinking back, it is actually quite funny, but I think to ask simple questions like these nurture creativity.

The Role Of A System Support Engineer

On a typical workday, Hydie works closely with various internal teams to help maintain the technical infrastructure of our products, and resolve complex configurations such as configuring server alarms and monitoring alerts from our various monitoring systems. She also assists with following up on Operations escalations for key VIP customers to ensure they are supported promptly with in-depth responses as well as carrying out knowledge transfer sessions with our Operations Team Lead. 

Hydie believes that the key to succeeding at any job, especially in tech, would be to stay curious and never stop learning. Even as she moved from a direct customer support role to a more high-level, in-depth role covering configuration, monitoring, tools optimization, and troubleshooting, Hydie’s curiosity never subsided. The opportunity to learn something new every day keeps her motivated in my job. 

Surround Yourself With A Good Team

Having great team chemistry is important in the workplace. Hydie loves working with her team in Wavecell because everyone is sociable and easy to interact with. There is never a dull moment working with them.

“I’m proud to say that the team is really giving their best to steer Wavecell to greater successes.”

International Friendship Day Group Picture, women in tech, operations team

While they work hard, Hydie’s team in Cebu is also ready to enjoy team bonding activities, and always go all out for company events, like International Friendship Day! Another thing that Hydie appreciates about her job is that she gets to work closely with colleagues in various parts of the world. Everyone is just a message or call away, and it is always a good day when one of our teammates from another region drops by for a visit!

Learn From Your Challenges

While there are good times in the office, some challenging moments are inevitable.

Before Hydie started working on a more regular schedule, she had many challenges working in shifts. There were times that she had to work a night shift alone, and it was definitely a struggle to manage high demands when you are the only one to handle it all.

As a result of the more challenging times, Hydie now brings a lot more patience and problem-solving skills to her work. Her time management and resource allocation skills have definitely become more refined over the years as well.

Dealing with new cases, like Operations escalations, continues to excite Hydie. Every day at work is completely unlike the day before. One of my favorite parts of my job is troubleshooting, as it allows me to think creatively and keeps me on my toes.

A Career In Tech Is For Everyone

Hydie strongly believes that there are opportunities for everyone in the tech industry. 

I want to break the idea that tech is not for women, and encourage especially the younger generation to try and start building your career in tech.

A career in tech can take you anywhere. Opportunities in tech are growing tremendously, and you’ll have many options to choose from. Aside from good compensation, the sense of fulfillment you get from being part of something amazing makes this career worth a try.

Take it from Hydie, our beloved System Support Engineer, who rose through the ranks at Wavecell through curiosity and willingness to learn!

Want to start your career in tech at Wavecell? Read more, or look out for available vacancies!

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